The Bazooka Text Processor

by Fred Mameri

Today, I am proud to anounce Bazooka 1.0RC. Bazooka is a text processor, designed to generate beautiful documents from markup. Those familiar with LaTeX should understand the concept.

Bazooka will transform a markup language very similar to that of Wikipedia into documents. It was designed to be used as a lightweight solution of generating documents, especially during software builds.

The images below show some examples of the Bazooka documentation, which was generated using Bazooka:

Bazooka can be downloaded from the following links:

The documentation:


Update: if you try to run Bazooka and you get an error saying that msvcrt100.dll is missing, then you will need to download and install the Visual C++ 2010 Runtime. The link to the 32-bit version is here and the 64-bit version is here.